Tepalas FOOD CALSUL 2 18kg

C Prekės kodas: 891706&VAL
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  • NSF/H1 heavy duty food grade calcium sulfonate complex lubricating grease, specially developed with synthetic PAO technology and meets the lubrication requirement of equipment operation in food processing plants. Also it is used in paper industry, production of pellets for animal food and food for pets and other industries where there is possibility of contact with food.
    Recommended for the lubrication in extremely difficult working conditions. It is suitable for use in high temperature conditions, uneven loads, significant effect of water, dust and vapour. Also applies to lubrication of roller bearings on presses for the production of animal food pellets, where there is a possibility of contact with food. Recommended for the lubrication of loaded bearings operating at constant high temperatures over 160°C and the significant effect of vapour. It is suitable for lubrication of bearings on conditioners for drying sunflower, soybean and rapeseed in factories for the production of edible vegetable oils.
    Performanve levels:
    NSF-Registered, code H1,Reg.No.156228.
    ISO L-6743-9: L-XCFIB 2
    DIN 51502: KP 2P-30 Nuotraukos ir vaizdo įrašai yra iliustratyvūs.
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    Prekės kodas891706&VAL

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