Grease Industry Calsul Moly PT 2 400g

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  • Valvoline Industry Calsul Moly PT 2 is a high quality lubricating grease based on calcium sulfonate complex. It's developed in combination with synthetic PAO base oil ISO VG 460 and fortified with extreme pressure (EP) additives and molybdenium disulfide to provide exceptional shock load resistance and unrivalled performance in high or low temperature severe working conditions and heavy shock loaded applications. Valvoline Industry Calsul Moly PT 2 lubricating grease is used for the lubrication of sliding and roller bearings and lubricating assembly blocks operating in non-standard and difficult conditions where impact and uneven loads are increased. It is suitable for equipment exposed to dynamic loading and effect of water. Suitable for open and closed gears operating in difficult conditions and at high temperatures. Recommended for systems with individual lubrication and suitable for high temperature operating conditions.
    Severe working conditions
    Valvoline Industry Calsul Moly PT 2 is specially recommended in unfavorable conditions such as high and impact loads, vibrations, elevated operating temperatures and moisture and water influence.
    Performance levels:
    ISO L-6743-9: L-XCFIB 2
    DIN 51502: KPF 2R-30 Nuotraukos ir vaizdo įrašai yra iliustratyvūs.
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