EPG 220 208L

C Prekės kodas: 16758&VAL
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  • Premium industrial gear oil formulated for industrial gearboxes and reduction gears.
    Valvoline E.P.G. provides outstanding protection and lubrication under various load and running conditions.
    Suitable for industrial gearboxes and reduction gears in factories and other workplaces.
    Oil bath lubrication, and circulation systems.
    Shock loaded gearsets.
    General machine lubrication.
    Concrete mixing machines.
    Agricultural equipment.
    Marine deck machinery.
    Can be used in gearboxes containing copper or bronze.
    Performance levels:
    ISO VG 220
    AGMA 9005-F16
    ISO 12925-1 CKC/CKD/CKE
    Danieli 0.000.001 Rev 15 CKC
    David Brown S1.53.101 Type E
    DIN 51517-3
    Fives Cincinnati EP Gear Oils
    Flender GmbH
    GM LS2 EP Gear Oils
    RENK 36011-11 (2012)
    Schaeffler FAG Step 1 - 4
    Schuler Pressem GmbH DT 55 005 Edition 1
    SMS Group SN 180-3
    U.S. Steel 224
    ZF TE-ML 04H
    ZF Witten ZFN-W-17-145 Nuotraukos ir vaizdo įrašai yra iliustratyvūs.
  • Svoris185.74 kg
    Plotis590 mm
    Gylis590 mm
    Aukštis890 mm
    Pakuotės kiekis1
    Matavimo vienetasvnt.
    Prekės kodas16758&VAL

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