Alyva hidraulikai VALVOLINE HLP 32 1000L

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  • Valvoline HLP 32 is a conventional hydraulic oil, formulated with high quality mineral base oils and anti-wear additives to offer solid hydraulic performance in a wide range of applications.

    >> For mobile and static hydraulic applications of industrial and other equipment. Hydraulic cranes and lifts, loaders,
    reach trucks, forklifts, excavators, dumpers, loading ramps, tailboards. Sometimes recommended for: hydraulic systems of metalworking machines, or circulation systems of industrial machinery.
    >> Formulated with high quality mineral base oils and specific additives to protect against corrosion, foaming and sludge forming.
    >> The product can handle small quantities of penetrating dust and resists foaming, caused by access of air via leaking seals.
    >> The product also protects the hydraulic system against rust and corrosion when working in a moist environment.
    >> The product stays in grade during use and shows good viscosity-temperature behavior. Available in three ISO viscosity grades Nuotraukos ir vaizdo įrašai yra iliustratyvūs.
  • Svoris873 kg
    Plotis1200 mm
    Gylis1000 mm
    Aukštis1150 mm
    Pakuotės kiekis1
    Matavimo vienetasvnt.
    Prekės kodas853970&VAL
  • Alyva hidraulikai VALVOLINE HLP 32 1000L

    1000L vaat

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